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Company culture

Company Culture Declaration:Action lead to results , let’s get started, to fix , to adjust in action; To test ,to perfect in action; to study, to find in action ; to increase the courage , create miracle in action. Action, action, please act immediately!
 Company Slogan:

1.Product concept:Only imperfect products,no captious customers.
 2.Civilized etiquette:Ten civilization terminology: Hello!please,thank you!See you!Sorry!
 3.Executive ability:Pre-execution:determination first,success or failure second.During execution:compliance first,wisdom second.After execution:  consequence first, explanation second.
 4.Team construction:Three characteristics of high efficiency team:initiative,thoughtful,cooperation.Only work together can go further,the same morality can come closer.
 5.Professional attitudes: Always tell yourself: I can!
 6.Professional accomplishment: It is hard-working to finish the work, it is diligent to do a good job . Learn to change ideas, concept to change action, action to change destiny.
 7.Career planning:Survey yourself,establish goals,create future.
 8.Good interpersonal communication: qualified good employee: support superiors,respect colleagues, care subordinates. How to communicate with your superiors? Be a good adviser of your boss. How to communicate with colleagues? Know how to respect others. How to communicate with subordinates? Love and care.
 9.Marketing: negotiation is not seeking the best points of ourselves, but find what you  have in common. Focus on the customers, and strive to exceed customers’ expectations.
 10.Human resources:Mechanism encourage us,culture shape us,feeling warm us,career agglomerate us.Choose employees correctly,employ staffs fairly,educate employees diligently,manage satffs strictly.
 11.Energy saving:Saving create value,saving is profit.
 12.Operating Management: good employees: concern official business, do the practical work and without accident.
 13.Purchasing management:Purchase high quality products with ideal price.
 14.Safety production:Quality is the life of the company, safety is the life of the worker. Safety is the lifeline of employees, employees in charge of the security.
 15.Cost Management :The responsibility of the cost control,performance and target depend on each department and each employee.
 16.Process control:Bear the performance standard in mind,and do a familiar work with ease.Control every procedure, do a good job in every product.Higher performance naturally if you pay more attention with a better method in your work.
 17.Quality control:Don't accept defective product, don't make defective product, don’t deliver defective product. Put our eyes, hands, heart into it, there is not defective product naturally . Quality consciousness in my heart, product quality in my hands. Cherish every little bit raw materials, pay much attention to quality.
 18.Field management:Everyone has the ability to improve, everything has room for improvement.
 19.Project publicity:For the movement analysis, be high-efficient , will do best allocation with limited resources.
 20.Successful incentive:Don't look down on yourself, anything is possible.
 21.Leadership skills:Manage yourself well,half manages others. Leadership is service, power is responsibility.
 22.Alertness warn:Do better today than yesterday,do better tomorrow than today.All damage is misunderstanding,all misunderstanding is poor communication.

 The code of Enterprise Value:
 1.The company you entered is very pragmatic, please use your results to talk!
 2.If you want to leave, please bring your honor and bonus, we are the best references of you.
 3.Before complain, please consider  good staff how to do in the same condition.
 4.Semlight company always like this kind of partners:There is analysis of the causes, and more solutions when facing difficulties.
 5.Yesterday's experience will be today's obstacle      , you need to keep learning and making progress.
 6.The only value of salesman’s work: To create value for the customer!
 7.Rejection is a common meal of the salesman, only to practice ourselves  becoming high quality spring,and the repair capacity would be the strongest.
 8.Successful people all over the world have four in common:like, self-confidence, understanding and personal integrity.
 9.Your diploma, background and experience can't prove the value of you,  only the contribution to prove your worth.
 10.The way of the LED industry competition:Professional, differentiation, service.

 Company Culture Declaration
 Action lead to results , let’s get started, to fix , to adjust in action; To test ,to perfect in action; to study, to find in action ; to increase the courage , create miracle in action. Action, action, please act immediately!