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Available in print or electronic formats; complete binders or sections can be downloaded as PDFs or ZIP archives.  more details...


IESNA formatted photometric data to help lighting professionals select product options that are most appropriate for their requirements.  more details...


Models of products allow lighting professionals to improve the way they design, engineer & construct their projects. more details...


Technogy & Innovation

Visual Professional Edition is a comprehensive lighting analysis tool designed for demanding interior and exterior applications. The Professional Edition combines an advanced 3-D interface with the latest advances in radiosity theory to provide efficient and highly accurate analysis of complex architectural spaces. A unique approach has been taken in the design of the 3-D modeling environment, resulting in an intuitive and powerful design experience."   more details...

Lighting Replacement

The Economic Tool is designed to help customers use standard industry practices to perform comprehensive analysis and comparison of total lighting system costs. Develop realistic total costs of ownership values based your projects, luminaires, hours of operation, energy costs, and maintenance costs. It's time for more than payback..."  
more details...


Allows the user to view or print full photometric reports. The Photometric Viewer processes photometric files constructed in accordance with the IESNA standard LM-63 "IESNA Standard File Format for Electronic Transfer of Photometric Data" - from any of these versions of LM-63: 1986, 1991,1995 or 2002. Formerly requiring a download, this on-line tool is now widely available on screens where lists of photometric files are displayed by clicking on the
icon. Click here to open the Photometric Viewer tool in your browser.