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From edge to edge, your billboard display is brighter, truer and more uniformly illuminated with the energy-efficient LED lighting system from Semlight. Compared with conventional lighting fixtures, Semlight provides superior color rendering, with a more accurate hue across the board. What’s more, the LED light output from Semlight is extremely focused. This environmental-friendly technology we adopted makes high luminous efficiency and less waste of energy.

Semlight LED Flood Light offers a versatile solution to many applications, including architectural wall washing and facade lighting; sports court area lighting, flag poles and bulletin/billboard lighting. With three optimized designs, there is a solution to fit virtually any flood application.

New Architectural Lighting Solutions Semlight billboard lighting systems use 10 to 200W lamp fixtures to provide sufficient billboard illumination. Semlight LED developed a customized retrofit solution using Bridgelux RS LED arrays that accurately directs the light beam onto the billboard panel dramatically reducing the problem of light pollution caused by traditional MH lighting systems. A conventional billboard lighting system with 2 MH fixtures consumes about 4000 kW per year based on the 12 hour per day seven day per week operation. The LED retrofit model by comparison, consumed only about 1200 kW per year for an annual savings of 72% in energy costs.  In addition, the long life of LED-based lighting systems virtually eliminates the need of lighting maintenance.

The sleek modern design minimizes size while maximizing application efficiency for many outdoor flood applications. Semlight's optical design efficiently directs the light and produces superior lighting effect. This product also uniquely offers a photoelectric sensor receptacle to minimize control requirements if the application calls for a dusk-to-dawn solution.

Semlight LED Flood Light offers a reduction in system energy compared with standard HID systems, depending on applications. This reliable system also offers more than 11 years of service life to significantly reduce maintenance frequency and expense, based on a 50,000 hour life and 12 hours of operation per day.

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