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For this highly trafficked and heavily used sports practice facility at one of the Midwest's largest universities, the demands of its lighting system are many. So when maintenance is required, it can slow things down in a space where speed and agility are to be achieved.

Originally designed for indoor track and field meets, it now also acts as a practice facility for many varsity sports. As use of the space has evolved and expanded to accommodate as many as 50,000 users and visitors annually, so have its needs.

  The Stadium wanted to replace its legacy high-intensity discharge lamps with a modern lighting system that would increase the foot-candles (fc) throughout the 80,000-square-foot space while reducing maintenance needs and costs. Previously, bulbs were replaced each year, and ballasts frequently failed.

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Golf Course Lighting SolutionsWith Semlight LED Light, automotive dealerships can dramatically reduce energy and maintenance costs. And it can provide the financing to make you cash flow positive - immediately. Here's how it works:

Reduce Energy Costs vs.Traditional Lighting by Up to 80%+ Significantly Reduce Maintenance Costs+Utility Rebate Savings When Available+Potential GE Capital Financing=Potential for Positive Cash Flow(NOW)

Simple math, dramatic savings.

Project Illustration: Single dealership, parking lot site Lighting, conversion of HID to Semlight LED Light. We can provide a plan and analysis for your unique circumstances.

  Our detailed process delivers optimized lighting and savings

  Many parking lots are over lit or too bright in some areas and too dark in others. Using the process below, we can optimize your parking lot lighting with increased uniformity while reducing your overall system wattage. This can typically be done with one-to-one fixture replacement, or with a reduction of fixtures for even greater savings.

  Outdoor Street Lighting Solutions 3D Rendering  

Outdoor Street Lighting Solutions False Color Rendering

  Outdoor Street Lighting Solutions 3D Rendering  

Outdoor Street Lighting Solutions False Color Rendering