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LED & Optics

LED Street Light has high power LED with high luminous efficacy and long lifespan. The Maximum luminous efficacy can come up to 130LM/W.There is one grade of luminous efficacy for option: 110-130LM/W.

Low light decay and long service life. Using bridgelux LED chip, cob packaging technology, low PN junction temperature, low light decay, high luminous efficiency and long life.

Unique optical design & rectangular beam, the bat wing light distribution, suitable for roadway illumination, beam angle: 120℃,precise optic lens in high intensity PC material provides high uniformity and optimal luminaire spacing, the optical system optimizes the light distribution, eliminate the waste of light, increase the reasonable and effective using of light.

Moreover, we can make different OEM colors and watts of the led street light based on the requirements. For more information about the detailed parameter, you can try to contact our customer service.

LED Optics of street light

Thermal Construction

Thermal & Construction

As for the light body, it is composed of electrical box, radiator and lampshade. The materials of light body is aluminium alloy, surface treatment: anticathode oxidation, casing color: silvery, air-flow through heat sink design provides perfect heat management, lighter but stronger construction. Smooth and glossy processing with natural clean system prevents debris build-up and minimizes wind loading. Modular design optimizes construction and assembly, allows for easy maintenance.

It is waterproof at the junction of the fittings, and the pouring sealant is used for waterproof treatment with excellent waterproof performance and stability. The pouring sealant is used for waterproof treatment. It is worth to own the LED light with advanced technology for healthy lighting. IP Rating: IP67;Color Temperature: Pure white 5500-6000K,warm white 3000-3500K,daylight 4000-4500K;Working Temperature: -40°C~+55°C;

Working Duration: start to work from Dusk to Dawn; keep 8hours working throughout 3days, in rainy or cloudy days;


The efficiency of the driver is higher than 89%. It is constant output current. Constant output current, high power factor, avoid harmonic pollution to the power system. The light source is integrated high power LED with high luminous efficacy. Built-in Meanwell driver, constant current, universal input voltage: 100-277VAC,50-60hz, or 12-24VDC,suitable for solar led street light system. power factor >0.95 and THD < 15%, IP67,long service life Light control, time control and dimming control are available for options.

Energy saving, No UV or IR radiation, No flickering, No pollution to the environment No bad glare, stroboscope or startup delay, eliminating the disadvantage of the traditional street light. It uses solar battery, which is made of high quality, efficient silicon solar wafers and tempered glass to supply power.

street light Driver

street light Controller


Smart control, Compatibility with most existing street lights means quick access to the benefits of scheduling, dimming, reporting new and existing instillation.

Light control and time control, infrared motion sensor controller, 0-10V dimmer, further achieve energy saving.

It has passed CE TUV RoHS certification. UL certification for some models; CE/IEC & RoHs for all models.

Three years warranty for standard prices; longer-time warranty available with price adjustment.