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Gas Station Lighting Solutions

Enhancing life on the move

The right lighting solutions can turn your gas station into a branded landmark. A welcoming space for motorists’ and one that projects a strong corporate image. Everything from the lights under your canopy to the lighting in your store can reassure customers that you can cater effectively for their every need.

Safety and reassurance

Not only does lighting help visitors to approach your station safely; it allows them to move around freely, guiding them towards the various service points and ensuring they take in everything around them in visual comfort. Movement detection can heighten the feeling of safety, alerting shop staff that customers have arrived on the forecourt by increasing the light intensity in an instant.

Innovation everywhere

Wherever your gas station needs illumination, we can provide it. Our total solutions cover lamps, gears and luminaires to state-of-the-art LED for light on demand and intelligent lighting management systems. They come with over 100 years of experience in providing people-centric solutions that make a difference through their exceptional quality, efficiency and reliability

Gas Station Lighting SolutionsConsideration

Though vertical illumination is important, in this application, the emphasis is on appropriate horizontal illumination. This layout provides a desirable contrast ratio of 2.5–1.0, while delivering an average of 12 footcandles on the driving lane pavement.

The solution

Install LED luminaires specifically designed for use in gas station canopies, with an existing spacing of 14' x 14' on center, which is within the suggested spacing-to-mounting height criteria of 1.2 to 1.0. The fixtures are also sealed and gasketed for damp or wet location rating. One of the main advantages of using LEDs is the light can be directed to the car area where the task is being performed, not wasted in over lighting non-critical areas.

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