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Partnering for Mutual Success

Semlight is looking for world-class partners with the right offerings and skill sets for collaboration on projects and creating new business opportunities. As partners, we will work together towards a win-win scenario of co-prosperity and the ultimate goal of any business: to be the world’s best.

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Together, we will create the future of digital experiences.

Purchasing Ethics Charter

We, the purchasers of Semlight, realize and accept our critical role in enhancing values for our customers.

In this important endeavor, we will conduct all dealings with our suppliers with honesty and integrity for mutual growth and prosperity. We will also understand and comply with law, regulation, and codes governing the conduct of our business.

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LED Light Distributors

Semlight and Suppliers will cooperate to make the best performance toward the Global Top Tier on the basis of 'Win-Win' ideology of co-existense and co-prosperity between Semlight and our valued Suppliers.