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Integrated solar led street light with IP66 WIFI security camera

Integrated solar led street light with IP66 WIFI security camera

Integrated Solar LED Street Light With Security Camera

Model No.

Rated Power


IP Rating

Beam  angle

Mounting  height

Casing  color

LED Luminous Efficiency









Solar panel



Net  Weight


Working  Temperature

Charging  time

Discharge  time

Taiwan Monosolar cell

Lithium  260WH

12pcs  CREE







6-10hours  by sunshine

20-30hours with Motion sensor

IP66 Wifi/ Internet Security Camera

1.Support IPHONE、Android、Smartphone (for monitoring)

2.Support wireless network(Wi-Fi/ 802.11/b/g/n )

3.Night vision distance: 30M Max

4. Lens:3.6mm, 960P,  infrared 130 millions pixels

5. Visual angle: 110°

6. Wattage: Working power 150MA 1,8W daytime & 250MA 3W nightime

7. Voltage:DC 12V±10%

8. System Requirements: Microsoft Win98 SE/ME/2000/XP、Vista、Win7 operating system Internet Explorer 8.0, FireFox, Google Browser and Professional client management software. Built in 16G memory card , at least 4 days backup memory.

Features and Specifications

LED & Optics - Integrated Solar LED Street Light with security camera has high power LED with high luminous efficacy and long lifespan. Unique optical design & rectangular beam, the bat wing light distribution,suitable for roadway illumination,precise optic lens in high intensity PC material provides high uniformity and optimal luminaire spacing, the optical system optimizes the light distribution, eliminate the waste of light, increase the reasonable and effective using of light.

We provide 30-120W of integrated solar LED street light. For more information about the detailed parameter, you can try to contact our customer service. Hope you can get the best integrated solar LED street light at Semlight.

Construction - The product is made up with the integrated parts (security camera,solar panel, lithium battery, LED, controller and human intelligence induction system) and the light pole.The light will turn on when dusk , turn off when dawn full automatically.With Motion Sensor,when people or cars pass, 100% power lighting,then change to 30% power lighting(the power lighting can be changed to 20%,30%,40%,50% and so on ).

It is waterproof at the junction of the fittings, and the pouring sealant is used for waterproof treatment with excellent waterproof performance and stability. For example:Waterproof rubber ring for led chip, seamless; waterproof glue for all the wire connector;waterproof glue for the connecting of solar panel and frame; protected sensor; thick and clear wires with waterproof connector and casing,It is worth to own the LED light with advanced technology for healthy lighting.

Working characters:

The solar panels converts sunlight into electrcity, and store in the lithium battery via controller, the LED lights will work automatically by the light sensor in the night.


To be installed in the urban streets, highways, sidewalks,bike paths,gardens and parks,car parks,residential areas,architectural places,courtyards,provide perimeter lighting in roads where it's necessary, or where wiring is not economical or practical.

Installation Directions:

① To place the light pole into the best spot with good day lighting . The light pole should be the length 4-8m, the thickness 2.0mm with material iron or steel, the diameter 50-100mm.

② Check if the components are all ready when open the packing, Place the lamp on the pole by its sleeve,special screw should be used and steady installation should be ensured.

Certificative: It has passed CE TUV RoHS certification. UL certification for some models; CE/IEC & RoHs for all models.

Warranty: Three years warranty for standard prices; longer-time warranty available with price Adjustment.

Luminous intensity distribution of Solar LED street light
Solar LED street light dimension